Јulie. 18. France; I am an ice queen, feeling everything and admitting to nothing. I am not an inferno, I am a blizzard. Turn your back and

I can kill all the same.

This quiz guesses your age based on your answers and it guessed I was fifty-fucking-four.


the World Cup 2014 so far:

  • Brazil made the first goal of the game in Brazil against Brazil
  • Mexico scored like 20 times and only 1 goal really counted
  • FIFA picked up random people on the street as referees
  • Spain as the defending champion is getting destroyed the Netherlands
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Clementine will remember that.

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ATTENTION ALL GIRLS AND LADIES: if you walk from home, school, office or anywhere and you are alone and you come across a little boy crying holding a piece of paper with an address on it, DO NOT TAKE HIM THERE! take him straight to the police station for this is the new ‘gang’ way of rape. The incident is getting worse. Warn your families. Reblog this so this message can get accross to everyone. 

I will always reblog things like this, it won’t ruin your blog or the look of it, and this could potentially save a life.

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KEEP!!!! YOUR!!!!! BLACK!!!!! CATS!!!!! INSIDE!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!
It’s Friday the 13th and there are horrible evil people out there that kill/injure black cats for superstitious reasons. Please keep your cuties safe.

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i’ve dated at least *counts on fingers* zero people


The gods aren’t down here. It’s the six of us, you hear me?



do you ever get mad at yourself because youre not even good at the things you thought you were good at



andrew garfield and emma stone ENGAGED I HAVE WAITED 132 moonsS for this

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